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New England Wild Flower Society

The Go Botany Montshire Flora website contains a comprehensive list of plants located on the grounds of the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont, and is a customized version of Go Botany. To learn about all of the plants of New England, visit the main Go Botany web site.

The nomenclature is from Flora Novae Angliae by Arthur Haines, Research Botanist at New England Wild Flower Society.

Uvularia grandiflora

Plant of the Day: Uvularia grandiflora large-flowered bellwort

Large-flowered bellwort is distributed in rich, moist, deciduous forests in western New England. Deer favor the foliage as browse, and consequently it tends to decline in areas with an overpopulation of deer. The Potawatomi made a salve out of the root to treat sore muscles ...

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